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Oil – Final Countdown To A Global Crisis And Its Solutions

This book examines the lifeline of modern living - petroleum. This is what flows In our veins today. Every aspect of our life, from food to transport to housing, it is all petroleum based. Either it's petroleum or its nothing. Our existence is draped in layers of petroleum. This book is a bible on the subject and covers every conceivable aspect of it, from its strategic importance to future prospects. Then the book goes on to delineate important strategic solutions to an unprecedented crisis that’s coming our way.                           


Get Up With Determination And Fight

Just like metals and minerals lying deep inside the Earth, there are vast resources lying untapped within each of us. In man’s struggles at achieving any desired object, there is in reality no necessity for him to go in quest of external forces to aid him. He has within himself vast resources and powers lying untapped, or else only partially utilized. If he applies his faculties properly and intelligently, he can easily attain his desired goal.



End of Modern Civilization And Alternative Future

This book is an authoritative work in civilizational studies as it relates to our future. Dr. Dasa has analyzed human civilizations in the last 5000 years and the reasons these civilizations went into oblivion. Each of these civilizations collapsed due to one or two factors like neglect of soil, moral degradation or leadership crisis.  But in our civilization, all these factors along with many additional ones are operational. 
Then the book goes on to chalk out the alternative future for the mankind.


Tsunami of Diseases Headed Our Way - Know Your Food Before Time Runs Out

Ask any child where their food comes from, and the chances are he or she will say the supermarket.

And most adults don’t know a lot more about how food ends up on their plate either.

We have taken food for granted. It’s a mistake for which we are paying dearly. Food doesn’t grow on supermarket shelves.



Capitalism Communism & Cowism - A New Economics For The 21st Century

If humanity and the planet have to survive, we have to replace our present day economic model. It’s a fossil fuel based, car-centred, energy inefficient model and promotes over exploitation of natural resources, encourages a throwaway society, creates social injustice and is not viable any longer.

This book presents an alternative economic system for the 21st Century, which works for the people and the Planet.

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